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External vertical shading system

Textile Screens


Advantages of a vertical shading system

The vertical shading system has a significant advantage over other shading products.

Provides a combination of high level thermal protection with adequate daylight inside for a natural atmosphere in your home. 



The best architects at the moment, rely on this product when designing new buildings because it provides a wide range of use options and in addition it looks elegant and luxurious.

Comfortable handling 

No battles with the laces. Control the external vertical shading system with a button or control connected to an electric motor. If you want to have complete comfort, connect the product to the Smart Home system. 

Suitable for use on pergolas

The external vertical shading system can also be adapted to a wooden or aluminum pergola. 

Thermal settings

Unlike internal vertical shading systems, the external ones divert the sun's rays to penetrate the room. This prevents unpleasant overheating.

They create a pleasant environment

No matter what fabric you choose, you can always create a comfortable environment in your home and keep in touch with the outside world.

It is very durable

Thanks to the stable anchorage and the top design, they are also resistant to winds at a speed of 80 km / h.

Types of external vertical shading system

ZIP 100


An elegant roller screen with fabric that perfectly shades the house or the pergola.

  • 16 fabric options

  • square or semicircle box 

  • 2 types of guides

One of them is sloping and without screws so that it looks better and speeds up the installation. It is also simplified by the unique shaft fastening system.​

ZIP 135


It is an elegant fabric that perfectly shades the house or the pergola. We make them from one of the 16 fabrics, with a square or semicircular upper box and with a unique shaft fastening system, which essentially facilitates the maintenance of the blinds thanks to the easy assembly and disassembly.

  • It can be built up to 6 meters high and up to 6 meters wide.

You can see the following video from the sample in our exhibition!

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