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Our company GIANNIS KARAVOULIAS guarantees the protection and security of your home or business with folding safety railings.

Below you can see the reasons for choosing the folding railings of our company

  • Safety and aesthetics.

  • They repel potential intruders

  • Individual calm

  • Easy maintenance

  • Long service life

  • Easy installation without many repairs

  • Large selection of colors

  • Low cost

  • Only heavy-duty materials to make the possibility of violation more difficult

  • Multiple applications in all types of windows

Features of our folding railings

  • 4 mm X 1.5 solid blade

  • Made entirely of galvanized without soldering

  • Opening lower guide

  • Intermediate Teflon for quiet operation

  • Recessed lock for greater security

  • Nail type wrench

  • 180 degree opening mechanism

  • Locking with bini makes it impossible to break from the side

  • In all RAL shades

  • Heavy duty hinges with non-removable fire

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