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The new way of life and the high energy costs of cooling and heating now require the use of windows with high know-how and aesthetics. So in case you have decided to replace your frames, it is very likely that you will have difficulty in choosing the frames and it is completely normal!

Heat breakable frames are widely known in the market as "Energy" aluminum frames. In essence, what sets thermal break frames apart from conventional aluminum profiles is the use of a special insulating material (usually polyamide, which is a poor conductor of heat) that separates the window profiles into two parts, exterior and interior. In this way, high thermal and sound insulation is achieved. The thermal insulation of the frames (coefficient of thermal permeability) is measured in W / m2k, and in essence this number defines the amount of heat (in Watt), per unit time that can penetrate a window with an area of 1m2, when the temperature difference between the two surfaces of (inside - outside) is 1 degree (1o C) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

An aluminum window, however, consists not only of the aluminum profile, but also of the glass (glass). These two materials, glass and aluminum profiles, have different coefficients (different thermal insulation - thermal permeability). The coefficient of thermal permeability of the aluminum profile is called Uf (U Frame - frame) and the coefficient of the glass Ug (U Glass - glass). However, what really gives us to understand the thermal insulation of the window is the Uw (U window-window) coefficient that refers to the whole window, precisely because the glass and the profile of the window, occupy a different surface each time depending on its dimension window (bathroom window, balcony door, etc.). Every manufacturer of aluminum frames is obliged to tell you the coefficient of thermal insulation (coefficient of thermal permeability or thermal conductivity) of each of your windows.

The company GIANNIS KARAVOULIAS undertakes the construction, installation and service for your frames with elvial and alumil profiles.



The opening frames   and balcony doors are the ideal solution for detached houses, apartment buildings and modern buildings as they cover all the requirements and needs arising in the construction industry, offer security and high insulation. greater security, available in many types and designs and accept glass, screen and shutter or roller exterior. They offer the whole opening, but need space inside the space where they are located. The opening frames are today the first choice for a large part of the market and are placed mainly in detached houses, holiday homes and special buildings. They are also installed in replacements of old wooden frames. They are ideal for traditional constructions and more. There are simple and thermal insulation series. From a financial point of view they are more expensive than the sliding ones, but they have the possibility and offer unlimited applications and correct solutions in every case, and they accept many accessories and mechanisms covering every special requirement. 

Elvial opening frames

Alumil opening frames


Sliding frames are an option, which was particularly developed in the Greek market. They are used in apartment buildings as cheaper options or for better utilization of the interior world. It is the ideal solution for homes with limited available space inside.

Elvial sliding frames

Alumil sliding frames

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