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Synthetic frames - The smart and reliable choice!

The market of synthetic frames is constantly growing in Greece. In Western Europe the market share of PVC windows is over 60% with a steady upward trend. The significantly lower costs, their excellent thermal and sound insulation properties and the product-price ratio, are the main reasons that the confidence of the Greek public is increasing daily for a reliable and guaranteed product.

Synthetic frames not only contribute to the reduction of your energy costs, since the significant protection from heat and cold means at the same time reduction of energy consumption, heating and cooling, but they also contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. Combined with state-of-the-art four-season low-e planistar and two-season low-e planither, they also achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption by adding inert argon gas.

The energy frames in combination with double or triple energy glazing achieve a reduction of the thermal permeability coefficient Uw up to 0.64W / m2K.

Synthetic frames meet all the requirements required for the energy upgrade of homes by participating in the program "home savings" as well as the issuance of energy certificates.

The company GIANNIS KARAVOULIAS SAVENERGY   undertakes to supply you and install your new synthetic frames responsibly and reliably._cc781905-8_bb-315

Types of window profiles


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