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Streamline SL 76

The Streamline SL 76 system is the perfect choice for those who value elegance in their home. The Streamline SL 76 combines the highest levels of safety, thermal insulation and sound insulation. In addition, SALAMANDER sets new standards in durability and ease of care. Everything you need to feel comfortable at home, in any way.


The SALAMANDER Streamline SL 76 is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to make their home a unique masterpiece. The latest technology with a system of 5 chambers, construction depth of 76 mm and two levels of sealing. Streamline SL 76 promises optimal thermal insulation and high levels of safety.

​ • Number of chambers: 5 chambers 
• Frame construction thickness: 76mm 
• Sheet construction thickness: 82mm
• Glass up to 48 mm.
• Thermal permeability coefficient: Uf = 1.3 W / (m2 * K)  
• Sound insulation up to 46 dB 
• Wind permeability (EN12211): Class C2
• Anti-burglary protection: Category 2

The bluEvolution 92 profile system is future-oriented, features state-of-the-art technology with modern, realistic design. The optimized 6-chamber profile with a construction depth of 92 mm provides superior thermal insulation and excellent thermal insulation.

The series of Blue Evolution 92 frames of the company SALAMANDER, offer the following advantages:

• Long lasting resistance to adverse weather conditions (Rosenheim ift certificates)
• Large energy savings (Uf = 1.0 W / (m2K)
• Number of cabins: 6 cabins 
• Frame construction thickness: 92mm 
• Sheet construction thickness: 92mm
• Thermal permeability coefficient: Uf = 1.0 W / (m2 * K)  
• Anti-burglary protection: Class RC2

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