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Kommerling 76 AD

The window that adds value

The new KOMMERLING 76 series is not compatible but offers all the advantages of a modern window. From the design to the operation, the physical construction and the insulation prices in relation to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the value, it meets not only the current but also the future requirements.

More Design

Thin profiles allow the installation of larger windows. The wide variety of shades in imitation wood or RAL colors and the AluClip Pro aluminum system allow you to add your personal note to the color choice.

More sound protection

Combined with high quality functional glass, the KOMMERLING 76 system offers optimal sound protection, up to 47 dB.

More thermal insulation

The innovative proEnergyTec technology. guarantees absolute thermal insulation. Uf - value = 1.1 W / (m2K) already in its basic version

More security from burglars

The frames are designed for the use of special mechanisms and safety components with additional anti-burglary measures.

More tightness

The new waterproofing levels keep dust and rain away and offer a comfortable living environment.

More ease of care and maintenance

High quality surfaces are extremely weather resistant and easy to clean.

More stability

The steel reinforcements in the maximum degree of dimensions, provide perfect statics. In the case of AluClip Pro, the aluminum profiles assume static operation.

More ease of use

The installation of modern technology mechanisms allows the construction of all types of windows, ease of use and impeccable functionality.

More ventilation

To provide the premises with a comfortable living environment, KOMMERLING has a range of modern ventilation accessories.

More value stability

The high environmental value synthetic profiles, according to the principles of GreenLine, ensure longevity and keep the value of your property stable.

76 mm

The slim profile of the profiles is not only attractive for new installations but also ideal for architecturally and energy-intensive window renovations.

Kommerling 88 plus

The ultimate system of frames with the best performance

The new Kömmerling 88plus series is an unprecedented level of quality in the development of synthetic profiles. The exceptional increase in the prices of thermal-sound insulation as well as safety and economy, are due to the overall innovative design of the new generation of profiles. With Kömmerling 88plus we have created a leading product for modern construction and quality Living.


•  Frames of passive buildings with modern design.

•  Ideal frames for passive buildings. Strong connection - efficient energy balance

•  New dimensions set new standards.


•  Main entrances that open inwards and outwards.

•  Fine and elegant design, various colors

•  88plus - with Aluclip. It takes full advantage of the advantages of the combination of materials, aluminum and synthetic.

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