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Pergola Arch

Folding pergola


Product of Metaform's know-how and originality,
The Arch pergola is an excellent solution for covering and shading outdoor areas. With an arched shape and impeccable design,
is the most suitable pergola for applications such as tol
as well as for large screenings.




  • Electromobility

Possibility of electric drive and remote control


  • RAL Color Selection

Colors of your choice, according to the standard RAL palette


  • Sun protection

Certified protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation


  • Sun resistance

Tested resistance to prolonged exposure to the Sun.


  • Rain & Wind resistance

High resistance to rain, humidity and wind weather conditions


  • Snow resistance

Proven resistance to snowfall conditions



The innovative design of the Arch pergola, through its curved guide, gives a high aesthetics to the overall construction. With a folding - easily adjustable - roof and remarkable resistance to wind, rain and sunlight, it is ideal for covering large commercial spaces.

  1. Aluminum Guide 160X85

  2. Wide Aluminum Counterweight 90X70

  3. Aluminum Counterweight Narrow 43X70

  4. Aluminum tube

  5. Aluminum plug (fork)

  6. Lighting system with Flat luminaire


Aluminum Paints





The above colors have no extra charge.
For any other color or shade of wood, contact us.


Cover Material Color

PVC Block out by  Sattler


Cover Material Color

PVC Block out by  Sattler



With electric motors of the house  somfy hellas . Possibility of installing two electric motors, when the pergola exceeds 70 sq.m. The electric motors are placed inside the axis of the pergola.

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