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Solutions with easy application

Installing a small device behind the base of your luminaires, a remote socket,
controlled lighting for the terrace and much more. Thanks to Somfy, you can handle it with ease
all your indoor and outdoor lighting. You can connect them with the remote control
all together and play with the lights for fun. And thanks to radio technology, the wireless system
can be installed in an instant.

Connected lighting throughout your home!

Somfy allows you to centrally control the lighting and other electrical appliances that you control with a single control: shading system, household shutters, front door and so on.


Are you waiting for friends? Implement the terrace scenario: with the push of a button, the lights of the shading system turn on, the garden lighting creates an atmosphere and the shading system goes down to protect you from the cold night air.


Are you leaving your apartment? Implement the departure scenario: with the push of a single button the lights go out, the shutters go down and the alarm goes off.


You can also enhance the security of your home:

  • As soon as the alarm goes off, your lights come on automatically.

You have the opportunity from your holiday home to turn on the lights and raise your shutters to look like you are at home.

Tip from Somfy

Connect your lighting. Use all your sockets and lights easily via smartphone .

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