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An engine with electronic end stops, quiet operation, smaller size and new safety stop (disconnects the winding in both directions). The main advantage of this motor is the ability to connect multiple motors to one switch. Power 6, 10, 18 Nm - end position adjustment with Somfy cable or remote control and external RTS receiver Modulis Slim.

Smart Home
Somfy TaHoma

Control your entire household through one application!

Thanks to the TaHoma® system, you can easily control your entire home with a single mobile app, including blinds and rollers, lighting, heating and security alarms. Just install the module, connect it to Wi-Fi and download the mobile app, which lets you control everything.

The system also allows you to create your own scripts. For example, as soon as you leave your car gate, your garage door locks automatically, the lights go out and the alarm goes off.

Additional information is available on the Somfy website.


Engine with integrated receiver suitable for io-homecontrol® - automatic home. Feedback function. Power 6, 10, 18 Nm Safety push switch functional for both operating modes. Compatible with TaHoma® system.

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