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Horizontal outdoor blinds add a decorative touch to all house styles, from modern to traditional, with a unique design spirit. For those who love light and want to play with its discreet variations as much as they want, horizontal outdoor blinds become a way of life.

What you need to know

Horizontal outdoor blinds provide comfort in your home. They allow you to:

  • Adjust the sunlight.

  • Block interfering reflections.

  • Protect your privacy.

  • Protect the interior of your home from the sun's rays.

Electric horizontal blinds outdoors

All kinds of horizontal outdoor blinds can be made electric by Somfy, regardless of their size. You can play with sunlight with absolute simplicity with an electric shading tool!

Why convert your adjustable shading tool to electric?

Electric horizontal outdoor blinds move discreetly using a remote control. Their rails fit perfectly to regulate light and control the level of sunlight in your home.

The advantages of Somfy electric horizontal outdoor blinds

These are the most compact mechanisms on the market, which convert all electrically adjustable shading media, including the tiniest ones, into electric ones.


The mechanism controls the exact placement of the rails


Are you ready for a fully connected home with home-motion technology

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