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Plug & Play solution

all you need:

Full HD Camera, Siren, Motion Detector and Privacy Protection!

  • Loud siren to prevent intrusion
  • If an intrusion is detected in your home, the siren automatically activates to repel the intruder.

  • At the same time, it can be activated manually from your mobile phone with the press of a key. 

  • Video recording per event
  • As soon as the camera detects motion, a 10-second video capture is activated, which is stored for free in a personal cloud for 24 hours so that you can remotely manage all the recordings. 

  • Easy Setup
  • The Somfy One is very simple to install, following simple steps through the application on your mobile. Smart activation allows you to automatically turn off the alarm when you get home and sends you an activation reminder when you leave. 

  • Accurate Motion Detection
  • Somfy One is equipped with the highest motion detection capabilities. Do not worry about incorrect alarm triggers from branches moving outside your window or your pets inside the house.

  • Selective Detection
  • You can set the detection area and the points you want to ignore. Your pets can move around without the risk of alarm.

  • SomfyVision ™
  • With the combined image resolution and infrared detection function, Somfy One offers an upgraded detection function. Image resolution detects motion in front of the camera while infrared controls temperature fluctuations. If both detection functions are activated at the same time, the siren will sound and you will be notified on your mobile phone.

  • Voice Management
  • Somfy One is compatible with Amazon Alexa, giving you the ability to control it with your voice. Just tell Amazon Echo to turn on the alarm as you leave your home.

  • Full Range of Regional Security
  • It can be expanded by adding up to 50 sensors (IntelliTAG κ motion detectors, aperture detectors), 50 keychains, 2 internal sirens, 2 external sirens, 2 signal transponders and 3 additional cameras.

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